What Destination?

Every journey has an A and a B, but so often we forget what is inbetween. What Destination? is what this is all about, the bit inbetween.
I think we may have a future time trial star. I can’t keep him off the thing!

I think we may have a future time trial star. I can’t keep him off the thing!

Mission Flanders

Over the coming months I’ll be documenting Matt Kendalls preparation for the Fred Witton Challenge one of this countries toughest bike rides as stated by the legend and tough man Sean Kelly. Check out his story and make a donation here: https://www.justgiving.com/Matthew-Kendall/

I know it was only third but still cool to get a medal.

I know it was only third but still cool to get a medal.

So thats what I look like on a bike.

I managed to scrape third place on the Rollapaluza at the Matrix-Vulpine team launch Wahoo!


Last weekend, the skills of British Cycling Mountain Bike Leadership tutors were put to the test, when they successfully rescued a casualty from the hills near Ambleside.

With support from Langdale Ambleside Mountain Rescue and an Royal Air Force (RAF) Search and Rescue helicopter, the team saved a cyclist who had fallen off his bike.

Fortunately, it was all part of a training exercise, which was sprung on the tutors during their annual workshop.

The fake scenario was set up by British Cycling as an opportunity for Mountain Bike Leadership Leadership tutors to practice their incident management skills, in a highly realistic situation.

The tutors were unaware that they would face this challenge when they set off on an early morning bike ride on Saturday.

Discovering the fallen mountain biker as they went through the gate on the bridleway above Rydal Water, the tutors responded to the crisis quickly and efficiently, calling upon the support of Mountain Rescue and the RAF Search and Rescue helicopter based at A Flight, 202 Squadron, RAF Boulmer

The Collector

This is going to be my first project of 2014.

A few months back I had a crack in my Bob Jackson track frame and needed it fixing and repainting. After a lot of research I found that there was a highly respected frame builder, adjuster and painter here in Bury in the form of Atlantic Boulevard.

Neill has been in the frame building business for a very long time and has worked for a handful of builders in this country and in France, most notable would be Harry Halls in Manchester. He works for himself now in a small workshop down a back street in Bury.

I couldn’t afford to get the frame fixed but Neill was kind enough to let me come and take some photographs of the workshop. I took a handful of photographs and spent a couple of hours chatting about bike builders Manchester, France, Italy and the list goes on. 

During the conversation I told him of my story of how id like to take photographs for a living. This is how I ended up in Cheshire taking photographs of some of the most beautiful bikes I’d ever seen.

Names such as DeRosa, Cinelli, Colnago, Gios, Ciocc, Tomassini, Motta, Pegoretti and they were just the Italian ones. There were steel, titanium aluminium and carbon. There were parts everywhere all panto-graphed and painstakingly polished and frames finished to the highest standard, but equally all ride-able. 

The project will start for me in the New Year so keep an eye out for some very beautiful and much loved, hand made Machinery.

Bikes ‘N’ Such Photography Exhibition at Popup Bikes.

First of all I need to say a big thank you to Chris at Richer Sounds in Manchester for supplying the projector. It was really cool to see the photos lit up at that size, almost like being back at the roadside taking the shot again, so thanks Chris it was nice chatting to you both.

What a contrast this event was compared to the exhibition I had at 2022NQ! Although 2022NQ was a massive success work wise, Popup Bikes beat it hands down for atmosphere, and we had well over a hundred people at Dipak’s at any one time.

Critical Mass was the last ride before Christmas, so unsurprisingly it was a Christmas themed evening. Only a few hardcore riders decked their bikes out with tinsel and Mike of Mad Cycle Lanes of MCR fame had his fairy lights flashing on his four wheeled thingymajig (forgot the name). The ride was fairly sedate until we passed Strangeways and headed up a hill into the red light district of Cheetham Hill, probably not the best idea. It was fun to race to the top of the hill though, and I think I even got to the top first. Back at Dipak’s the beers were chilled and ready to be popped. I chatted to lots of very merry riders as a result and may have even sold a few photos. There’s also the possiblity of some work on the horizon. Towards the end of the night everyone was well tanked up and out came the guitars for an impromptu singsong. Magic.

Thanks for a great night everyone, see you next year!